"A ship is only as good as its crew", is an old sailor's saying. In order to ensure that the crew of your ship has a perfect refuge in which to relax and rest before the next shift, we offer an excellent combination of functionality and comfort in the smallest of spaces. "Only a well-rested crew is a good crew" is our view.


The ship's passengers must also have everything they need to enjoy the sea without having to compromise on the comforts they are used to on land. Whether an inside or outside cabin, functional comfort is vital for passenger accomodation. We develop concepts featuring attractive designs for cabins in any size.


There is no need to compromise on luxury when at sea. We design any size suites featuring comfortable surroundings for demanding passengers. Elegant materials, comfortable lounge sofas, beds that you would find in the best hotels in the world - even the latest technical gadgets in luxury interiors are perfectly integrated into the scheme.